Expertly balancing between luxury and comfort, the Pandrosos Divine Suites is the ideal stay destination to make your trip to Athens a dream-like reality adventure.

Located in the beating heart of Athens,

in close proximity to all the great sites and at one of the most vibrant locations of the city, our suites is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy the privileges of a relaxing stay combined with endless wanderings amidst all the beauties of the glorious and historic region.

The neoclassical character of Pandrosos Divine Suites and the romantically decorated suites that bear the names of ancient Greek Gods and Godess are situated at the romantic Plaka at the foot of the ever imposing Acropolis rock,

and release a poetic euphoria that transcends across the entire hotel, transporting you to an ancient, bygone era through the tactile, wistful memories that are exuded nonchalantly.

The Pandrosos Divine Suites provides all the conditions to allow its distinguished guests to live a fulfilling holiday experience by becoming a part of the magnificent aura of the city of Athens; the thorough and full range of facilities, the impeccable service and the traveller possibilities given in the area of Plaka, guarantee a carefree and exciting journey that will inspire you, generating a myriad of wonderful memories.


Grand Suite with Balcony


Divine Suite with Terrace


Pandrosos Suite Partial Acropolis View with Terrace

Pandrosos Divine Suites